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Bilr is a legal e-billing application with speech-to-text functionality. Lawyers are able to submit invoices on the go, saving hours of time. Invoices are also optimized by artificial intelligence before going out the door, ensuring average revenue increases of 6-11%.


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Our e-billing solution offers powerful features unmatched by competition

Speech-to-text functionality

Speech-to-text functionality allows you to submit invoices on the go, freeing up time.

AI voice assistant for in-app tasks

The AI voice assistant allows for easy support and hands-free use of the app.

Profit-enhancing invoice optimization

Submitted invoices are checked and optimized against our database of bills.

Enterprise-grade security of data

Customer information is secured using enterprise-grade security solutions.

Increase your profit margins with unparalleled ease

With saved time and increased revenues, Bilr essentially pays for itself. Increase your revenues with ease by getting our innovative e-billing solution today.

Stop losing time and money with manual time recording

Professional services firms, from top shelf global law firms to individual lawyers, lose significant revenues and profits during the process of accurately recording time. Throughout our 15+ years of legaltech experience, we've seen just about every version of an incorrect legal or non-legal vendor invoice. Bilr incorporates this knowledge and mitigates the inefficiencies completely, supported by artificial intelligence.


In recovered revenue

Pricing. Simple and flexible.

Whether you’re an individual lawyer, or a multi-national law firm, we have a plan that will match your specific needs.

Find a plan that’s right for you

Our fees are 100% transparent, and our subscriptions include every single feature that Bilr provides.

  • Increase profit margins by 6-11%
  • Avoid hours of manual-input timewaste
  • Send and receive clean invoices
  • Clock more billable hours
Custom License
Integration support for law firms. White-labelling opportunities. Sizeable bulk discounts.
Basic License
30 per month
Valid for one user/person. Complimentary desktop version. Premium helpdesk support.

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''aXpire had the only e-billing product that met our extensive requirements. Together we have developed and built a unique solution for the London market.''


Steve Reid, Service Development Director

''aXpire has proved to be a capable firm committed to achieving results while recognizing the needs of both the law firms and our clients.''

Brit Global Specialty

Paul Sewell, Chief Claims Technical Officer

''aXpire's flexible business approach and attention to detail place them in a position to meet the needs of anyone with a need in this space. I highly recommend aXpire.''

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

Joe Tixier, Senior Counsel

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Frequently asked questions

Bilr is available in both mobile and desktop format. You can get Bilr directly from our website, as well as through the App Store or Google Play. Bilr subscriptions are valid across all devices, meaning that you can use the same Bilr account for your phone and desktop/laptop.

Throughout our 15+ years of legaltech experience, we’ve collected countless invoices from over 80,000 law firms and non-legal vendors. Using these invoices, we have created an A.I. system which automatically cleans your invoices before they are sent out. This ensures that you always send the most profitable invoice, on average adding an extra 6-11% to your profit margins.

Unfortunately, you can not. We enforce a strict policy of one person per account. If you want to refer Bilr to a friend, however, then we can provide the both of you with a discount on the first/following month of your subscriptions.

We offer a variety of services for law firms. These include custom pricing options, bulk discounts on subscriptions, premium on-boarding support, and more.

Contact us over email or telephone for more information.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1-844-7-297473

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