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Record billables with voice

Voice-enabled time tracking makes it easier for lawyers to record their billables, whether they’re in the car, office or court house.

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Auto-review law firm billing

Legal invoices are automatically reviewed with machine learning, flagging errors to be fixed by screening against billing guidelines.

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Access on iOS and Android

Companion legal timekeeping app enables lawyers to easily access case information, record time and invoice clients on mobile.

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Billing software for law firms & solos

Bilr is a time tracking and legal billing software, helping law firms and solo attorneys record and bill for their work while automating repeat tasks.

  • 01Voice-enabled time recording and billing
  • 02Automated invoice review with AI/ML
  • 03In-depth data analytics and gamification
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LEDES, LawPay & other integrations

Bilr integrates with several 3rd-party solutions and software for law firms, including payments, accounting and project management platforms.

  • 01Integrate with multiple legal software
  • 02Request e-payment via several gateways
  • 03Create LEDES and UTBMS compliant e-bills
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Bilr has proven to be a capable lawyer billing software committed to achieving results while recognizing the needs of both the law firms and our clients. There is a clear sense of partnership.

- John P.

SVP, Fortune 500 Company

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Fortune 500's rely on us to supply their partner law firms with legal billing software. The result? $1.2 billion in value generated over 15 years.

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Our interest in Bilr is to support smaller global firms required to ebill but who may not have traditional Western-style e-billing software.

LEDES Oversight Committee

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About LEDES partnership

Record time with your voice. Just speak into your device and then let Bilr do the rest. Yes, it’s really that simple.

About voice-enabled timekeeping
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We want to transform the legal space, providing a next-generation billing software for law firms. Bilr is our latest legaltech tool, enabling simple time tracking, e-billing and invoice review.

Matthew Markham

Chief Operating Officer, Bilr

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Bilr is an exceedingly affordable legal billing software, with all of the features a lawyer needs.

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