In-depth data analytics
Inform your business decisions

Inform your business decisions

Leverage in-depth data analytics to decide the best course of action in regards to your law firm's priorities, hiring strategy, and beyond. Increase your law firm's overall transparency.

Lawyer performance

See which lawyers are hitting their goals, and who needs extra encouragement. Understand the metrics of your most successful lawyers, and set your law firm up for success with empowered staff.

Law firm performance

See which clients net your law firm the most profits, measured against hours worked and billed. Look at previous client or matter history to measure expected time and cost before starting a new engagement.

Overall billing performance

See a full overview of the hurdles in your billing; invoice aging, unbilled fees, and beyond. Take action and improve your hours worked vs. billed metric. Understand which of your clients are causing delays in payment.

Common questions

We can provide custom data analytics that provide the most value to your law firm. Typical data analytics revolve around: time recording, billable hours, clients outstanding by practice area, matter, timekeeper etc.

Data analytics allow you to learn which attorneys are outperforming and under performing in your firm, which drives decision making to ensure your law firm can grow. Further, data and charting allows you to get a firmer grasp around which areas of your firm are driving the most growth.

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