Voice-enabled timekeeping

Use your voice to capture billable hours. Bilr does the rest, converting it into line item descriptions and e-billing codes.

Dictation and auto-transcription

Simply speak into your device(s) to transcribe documents, notes or complete line item descriptions, both billable hours and disbursements.

Multiple concurrent billing timers

Track time with up to five billing timers, accessible across iOS/Android and PC/Mac. Keep the timer active while using the software or app.

Companion timekeeping app

Download our companion legal timekeeping app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Access documents and create invoices on the go.

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Voice-enabled timekeeping
Multi-format legal invoicing

Multi-format legal invoicing

Create digital invoices and e-billing codes in multiple formats, including LEDES, UTMBS, LSS, PDF, Excel and many more.

E-billing codes

Create electronic invoices with ease regardless of client billing code requirements. Ensure compliance to invoice and billing guidelines.

Invoice formats

Export electronic invoices in multiple formats and in bulk. Change the look and feel of invoices, with custom branding and data input fields.

Online payments

Enable e-payment acceptance through 3rd-party legal software tools such as LawPay, QuickBooks as well as PayPal, Stripe and Plaid.

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Automatic invoice review

Clean invoices and flag errors with AI/ML, reducing instances of clients rejecting line items and improving profit by 6-11%.

Automated error flagging

Review and clean your invoices automatically with machine learning, flagging errors that have to be corrected pre-submission to clients.

Billing guideline compliance

Improve compliance to clients' billing guidelines to almost 100%. Increase profit margins by 30% due to reduced line item rejection.

Advanced data analytics

Access in-depth analytics detailing billing statistics across your law firm, including timekeeper performance, billing compliance and more.

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Automatic invoice review

Top companies have worked with us

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  • Fortune 500 clients' law firms rely on our tools.
  • Clients have seen $1.2B+ in generated value.
  • 100% of our clients have had positive ROI.

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Why choose Bilr?

Benefit from modern legal software, specialized in time tracking and e-billing, and powered by machine learning.

Decades of LegalTech experience

The team behind our platform has been creating legal software and legaltech tools for over 15 years into the law and insurance industries.

Demonstrated client success

Throughout the decades of providing legaltech tools, we've generated $1.2B+ in value for clients with cutting-edge legal software solutions.

24/7 customer support team

Dedicated customer support agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help with any queries or concerns.

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The Bilr story

Our legal software solution spawned from Fortune 500 client demand, requiring an e-billing tool for their panel law firms.

Legal Solutions Group (LSG)

Bilr was created as an e-billing software for the law firms servicing the Fortune 500 clients of our sister company, Legal Solutions Group.

Tens of thousands of lawyers

Bilr has had over 40,000 law firms submit billing data through its system, including its previous iteration of being integrated into the LSG ELM.

Modernizing legal operations

Bilr seeks to reduce the hassle of timekeeping and e-billing with an AI/ML legal software tool focused on improving lawyers' day-to-day.

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The Bilr story

Bilr has been a game changer for time recording on the go and for increasing billing compliance. Highly recommend.

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