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Bilr is a legal billing application that lawyers can use to record time and create invoices on the go. Do your timekeeping whenever you want, regardless of location.


Record time you spend on clients' cases and get what you're owed. With Bilr, you can free up time and increase billable hours all at once.


Submit invoices on the go, ensuring that you get paid when you're supposed to. Make sure to follow our invoice optimization AI's advice.

Case management

Access case records and files whenever you need to, always keeping you prepared to serve your clients diligently and well-equipped.

How do I use speech-to-text?


Step one

Click the "record" button and start speaking. As you speak, Bilr will automatically detect your words, converting them into text. Once you're done speaking, click the "stop" button, ending your recording.


Step two

After finishing your recording, review the text which Bilr has generated. If you want to you can directly edit this text, or alternatively, you can delete and record again.


Step three

Once you're happy with the text, click the "save" button, submitting your text as information attached to your selected case.


Common questions

All voice activity is stored for the entirety of your Bilr subscription and for up to six (6) months after your subscription ends. If you want to delete voice activity earlier, then contact us at [email protected]

We can not access your voice activity. Your voice activity is private and exclusive to your account or organization and can not be accessed by the Bilr team or anyone else.

Bilr converts your voice into text automatically by leveraging Amazon's ASR, or automatic speech recognition service, based on deep learning.

Bilr only records voice when a user has clicked the "record" button. When a user clicks the button to stop recording, no further voice activity is captured.

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