bilr team

Executive team

We're the people working towards making Bilr a success

Gary R Markham

Chief Executive Officer

Gary is a results and goal-oriented professional bringing a wealth of experience to the table, coordinating the business' efforts and growth.

Matthew Markham

Chief Operating Officer

Matt is an ex-Morgan Stanley investment banker, bringing an innovative, go-getter mentality and facilitating new opportunities for the business.

Philip Knight

Chief Product Officer

Philip has many years of experience creating global software solutions, using this experience to make sure the business' products are as good as can be.

Joakim Hjønnevåg

VP of Business Development

Joakim is a growth-focused marketer, bringing fresh ideas focused on expanding and improving the business and its products' reach in the market.

Kiran Chandrashekhar

General Manager

Kiran is an experienced coder and manager, leveraging his keen attention to detail for the business' products, ensuring performance.

Sankar Das G

UI/UX Lead

Sankar has a trained eye for design, applying his skills to ensure client success through intuitive and good looking dashboards for the products' users.


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