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With Bilr, we clean invoices and help organizations earn an extra 6-11% in revenue when billing clients. This is revenue that would have otherwise been lost due to unclean invoices.

Increase profit margins

Invoices are automatically scanned by our proprietary AI invoice optimization module, creating a 6-11% increase in revenues. Through this increase, we improve your profit margins by 30% on average.

Replace manual bill review

Tests show that artificial intelligence is better at recognizing errors than humans, and that it is much faster. We train our AI to do one thing, and that is to improve your invoices by rooting out mistakes and errors.

Massive database of invoices

Throughout our 15+ years of LegalTech experience, we've seen just about every version of an incorrect legal or vendor invoice. Bilr's AI component takes all of these invoices and learns from them.

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