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Multiple billing timers

Maintain up to five timers at once, giving you flexibility when e-billing clients. Simply turn on the timer, then get to work. Bilr will handle the rest, eliminating the need for manual time tracking.

Track your time with ease

Set up dashboard timers to track your time as you work. If you need to change quickly, say for a phone call, simply set up a new billing timer.

Utilize five timers concurrently

Maintain timers for up to five clients or matters at the same time, better reflecting the ever-changing billable tasks you encounter in a day.

Reduce time waste and inefficiency

Long gone are the days of manually calculating hours. With Bilr, time tracking becomes a breeze through our simple timer functionality.

Voice-enabled timekeeping

Speak into your device, and and your speech will be converted into text, making your timekeeping efforts both faster and easier with our time tracking software, powered by Micosoft's Azure.

Record time on the go

Our time tracking software will allow you to record time on the go with your voice, making it easier than ever to bill for all of the time you've spent.

Transcribe documents

Have a physical document you'd like in online text format? Simply read the document into the Bilr app and you'll get a transcribed summary.

99% transcription accuracy

Microsoft's Azure ensures near-perfect transcription accuracy when converting your speech into text with the Bilr timekeeping app.

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Common questions

Yes. Bilr enables the use of up to 5 billing timers simultaneously to create line items within invoices. Simply select the timer icon in the web app, choose your client and matter and press play. Time is being recorded. No more guess work. If you get interrupted or want to switch to something else, simply press pause, or stop if you're done.

Not yet as a SaaS platform, but if you need a custom integration you can always reach out and we will set something up on a custom basis for you for $1,000 per integration.

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