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Record time on the go

With Bilr's legal billing solution for mobile, lawyers can easily record time on the go, whether they're in a car or headed out of court. Simply speak into the device, then Bilr does the rest.

Record time with ease

Our legal timekeeping app utilizes Microsoft's Azure for natural language processing, enabling near-perfect speech recognition.

Sync with cloud

When timekeeping with your phone, your recorded activities are automatically synced, giving instant access to the data on desktop.

Increase efficiency

Bilr allows timekeepers to increase their efficiency, removing the strain of manual tasks and freeing up time for more billable hours and profit.

Illustration of female lawyer in an airport moving her luggage while speaking into the Bilr app on her phone, recording time
Illustration of male lawyer drinking coffee outside while holding files with law firm client information

Access documents on mobile

With Bilr's legal timekeeping app, you can easily access case information when recording time or dealing with clients. If you're out of the office, Bilr will ensure you're still up to date.

Document repository

Get access to the information you need, when you need it. Simply log into the Bilr app and find client documents you need at any given time.

Statistical insight

See how you're performing relative to your targets or others at the firm. Use the insight to improve, giving you tools to improve your billables.

Secure environment

All documents and information is securely hosted in compliance with ISO 27001 and SOC II standards, locked behind PIN and fingerprint.

Download the Bilr app today

The Bilr legal timekeeping app is available through the Google Play store and the App Store. Download the app today, free of charge if you already have a Bilr subscription.

Common questions

In order to get our legal timekeeping app, all you need to do is download it from the App Store or Google Play. To log into the app, however, you'll need a valid Bilr subscription. You can only purchase our legal billing software and accompanying companion legal timekeeping app through desktop/laptop as the web-app is a crucial component of the software. The Bilr legal timekeeping app is a companion to the legal billing software, not a standalone application, and therefore we require the presence of a desktop/laptop.

Simply put, it's efficient. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and it's always in our pockets, so why not enable all of your devices to record time? It's a well known fact that law firms, small and big, lose revenue through simply not tracking their time well enough. Bilr, our premier billing software solution and legal timekeeping app, is here to change that.

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