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Simple, fast legal invoicing

Simple, fast legal invoicing

Record time and create electronic invoices with ease. Our legal invoicing software makes the process of billing for your time a simple, straightforward procedure supported by AI/ML.

Multiple invoice formats

Bilr supports multiple legal invoicing formats, including all LEDES invoice formats as well as typical PDF and Excel invoice formats.

Customizable invoices

Bilr allows for the customization of invoices. Change the look of your legal invoicing, as well as the data that appear in created invoices.

3rd party integrations

Bilr integrates with several 3rd-party software such as LawPay and QuickBooks, making it simple to get paid for your legal invoicing.

Compliant legal invoicing

Ensure compliance to clients' billing guideline with automatic AI/ML invoice review, flagging line item errors that need to be corrected before submitting invoices to clients for payment.

Automated invoice review

Free up your lawyers' time by automating the law firm billing review process. Let AI/ML do the heavy lifting, flagging errors to be fixed.

E-billing code prediction

Predict e-billing codes based on line item description and client/matter history, making the legal invoicing process both faster and easier.

Complete audit trail

Benefit from a complete end-to-end audit trail of all actions performed on the platform, including instances of ignoring AI/ML invoice alerts.

Complete audit trail
Bilr's partnership with LEDES

Bilr's partnership with LEDES

All LEDES and UTBMS e-billing codes and legal invoicing formats are integrated into Bilr due to an first-in-history partnership with the LEDES Oversight Committee.

What is LEDES?

LEDES and UTBMS are leading legal e-billing standards, created by PwC, ABA and others, now lead by the LEDES Oversight Committee.

Why use LEDES?

Categorize legal work and expenses for the benefit of both your law firm and clients, providing an easier overview of cost and profit centers.

Exclusive LOC offer

Through our partnership with the LEDES Oversight Committee, we're offering all members of the organization an exclusive 30% discount.

Common questions

Modern legal invoicing software, such as Bilr, provides integrations with a wide array of third-party law firm software solutions. In the case of Bilr, this includes software such as LawPay, QuickBooks, Filevine, Lawmatics and many more, with custom integrations also available upon request. When integrated with other software, whether a practice management or matter management platform, Bilr can automatically pull clients, matters and other data into the system for a simple legal invoicing experience.

There are several legal invoicing software solutions out there that offer LEDES support. Some lock it behind an additional paywall, and some offer it as a core part of their products' features. Bilr is one of the legal invoicing software providers that prefer the latter approach. LEDES and UTBMS e-billing codes and formats are integrated into Bilr. Users can easily capture e-billing codes with the companion mobile app as well as on desktop. Invoices can also be exported in all LEDES formats, ensuring that you can stay compliant to clients' billing guidelines and requirements. Bilr makes it super simple to create a LEDES invoice, even offering the ability to export invoices in LEDES format(s) in bulk. Bilr makes compliant legal invoicing easy.

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