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bilr Free up your attorneys' time

Free up your attorneys' time

Stop spending hours on reviewing your law firm's invoices, going line item by line item to find errors and non-compliance. Instead, spend that time doing what you became a lawyer for: practice law.

Auto-review legal invoices

Import your service level agreements or billing guidelines into Bilr, both specific to clients and/or matters, and let our legal software automatically flag non-compliance and other errors with proprietary machine learning.

Improve profit margins

Cleaning your legal invoices with Bilr ensures compliance to clients' billing guidelines. This means that invoices won't get sent back with rejections or modifications, typically in the range of 6-11% per invoice.

Reduce time waste

Automate the law firm bill review process entirely, only requiring human involvement in the adjustment and approval of flagged invoices or line items. Reallocate staff to more value-add tasks, reducing your cost.

Let Bilr's AI/ML flag line items for review

Bilr automatically detects when a line item is non-compliant or in error, flagging it.

Common questions

All invoice data is anonymized and stored to improve our machine learning module's ability to improve invoices. If you want to delete your anonymized invoice data, then contact us at [email protected]

Our proprietary AI/ML draws from knowledge learned from our database of invoices from over 40,000 law firms, sourced from global law firms that have worked with us.

We can not access your invoices themselves, only the anonymized data. Your invoices are private and exclusive to your account or organization and can not be accessed by the Bilr team or anyone else.

Yes, we can incorporate your custom billing guidelines if you provide your engagement letter, guidelines and/or SLA rules to [email protected] with subject line: Billing Guidelines Request. Alternatively, contact us through support within the Bilr platform.

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