Convert your voice into text

Convert your voice into text

Bilr uses Azure to convert your voice into text with ~95% accuracy, regardless of dialect or accent. Make our dictation app your transcription clerk and automate the process.


Create digital data and text from physical documents, making it easier to share or store information about matters you're working on. Just click record, then speak into your device. It's that simple, and highly accurate.

Notes & to-do's

Convert your physical notes and to-do's into digital data, or record them digitally to begin with. Access your dictated text across mobile and PC devices, providing easy access to notes recorded throughout a matter.

No assistant needed

Remove the need for an assistant or clerk to transcribe your notes and documents from a dictaphone. Instead, transcribe automatically on the go using Microsoft's Azure NLP technology through the Bilr app.

Common questions

Yes, it can replace your dictaphone! You can use our dictation features on both our mobile app and desktop, which allows you to describe specific matter issues as well as take general notes straight from your phone, iOS or Android. Powered by artificial intelligence-driven natural language processing (NLP), our dictation is highly accurate.

Yes, you can record general dictations on both iOS and Android, or record dictations specific to client matters.

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