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Improve billing compliance

Automatically review your invoices against SLAs and billing guidelines with AI before sending them to your clients, ensuring billing compliance.

Increase law firm revenues

Through AI-based line item review and voice-enabled timekeeping, we've seen an average increase of 6-11% in realized client revenues.

Optimize lawyers' performance

Gamification and advanced analytics provides you with a complete overview of your lawyers' statistics and how well they're hitting billing targets.

Modernize your billing process

Bilr is a modern law firm software with multimodal functionalities, including voice-enabled timekeeping, AI-based invoice cleaning and complete LEDES e-billing support.

Record time on the go

Whether you're in the car or coming out of the court room, you can record billable activities with your voice using our companion timekeeping app.

Create LEDES invoices

Due to a complete integration of LEDES and UTBMS standard formats, you can easily create compliant invoices when e-billing clients.

Access on mobile and desktop

Bilr is available for any operating system on PC, as well iOS and Android on mobile. As a web-app, our e-billing lawyer software is easy to access.

Illustration of lawyers printing out a clean LEDES ebilling code invoice

Let AI do the heavy lifting

Using our proprietary artificial intelligence, we optimize and clean your invoices before submission to clients, ensuring average revenue increases of 6-11% for your law firm.

Massive database of invoices

Throughout our 15+ years of LegalTech experience, we've seen just about every version of an incorrect legal or vendor invoice. Bilr's AI component takes all of these invoices and learns from them.

Constantly improving A.I.

With every submitted invoice, Bilr becomes better. Our artificial intelligence is constantly learning and improving, striving to get better at recognizing errors and inefficiencies when e-billing clients.

Replacing manual bill review

Tests show that artificial intelligence is better at recognizing errors than humans, and that it is much faster. We train our AI to do one thing, and that is to improve your invoices by rooting out mistakes and errors.

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Stop losing time and money

Law firms lose significant revenues and profits during the process of accurately recording time. This affects everyone, from top-shelf global law firms to individual lawyers. Bilr uses AI and innovative time recording solutions to solve this issue.

Picture of two mobile phones with in-app screenshots from Bilr’s ebilling software and time recording app
Picture of two mobile phones with in-app screenshots from Bilr’s timekeeping and billing app

Improve your profit margins

With saved time and increased revenues, Bilr essentially pays for itself. Improve your law firm's profit margins by 30% on average with our modern legal billing software, partnered with LEDES and LawPay to provide a powerful e-billing tool.

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Best-in-class partners

Due to our partnerships you will be able to enjoy best-in-class tools when billing your clients, from LEDES when e-billing, to LawPay for payments, and Micosoft's Power BI and Azure for analytics and natural language processing.


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Discover how Bilr improves profit margins by over 30%

"There's no reason why billing should be a dreaded end of month chore, or even something you end up arguing with clients over. With over 15 years in the LegalTech space, we are intimately familiar with law firms billing pain points."

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