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Why use LEDES e-billing codes?

LEDES e-billing codes are recognized as the industry-leading standards. Whether for law firms or in-house corporate legal departments, LEDES and UTBMS codes add mutual benefit.

Improve income and spend analysis

LEDES format codes categorize your sources of income and expenditure to much greater length than a typical PDF invoice, giving you better insight into the cost- and profit centers of your law firm.

Increase billing compliance

With industry-recognized e-billing and invoice formats, increase your billing compliance through creating invoices that are understood by any client, at the same time as giving them better insight into their expenses.

Eliminate confusion

Integrate new staff faster by standardizing instead of using unique language specific to your law firm, and increase efficiency through having a single e-billing code guideline that's recognized globally.

Our partnership with LEDES

We're LEDES' first commercial partner in the history of the organization, helping them increase their reach and further the adoption of LEDES & UTBMS e-billing code standards.

LEDES-approved e-billing tool

Our LEDES billing software has been recognized as a leading e-billing software solution with discounts for LEDES members.

Complete LEDES integration

Bilr integrates all LEDES and UTBMS code standards free of charge, offering them to subscribers at no extra cost.

Furthering industry adoption

Through our partnership, both our organizations will work towards increasing the adoption of LEDES across the legal industry.

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About the partnership

Quotes from both parties involved

We are pleased to bring our members the benefits associated with this type of collaboration, and we hope this will further drive initiatives that add value to everyone involved. This agreement is part of our 2020 initiative to streamline and improve the legal e-billing process globally. Our interest in Bilr is primarily to support smaller global firms required to e-bill but who may not have traditional Western-style billing software.

Jane A. Bennitt — President of the LEDES Oversight Committee

We are excited to work with LEDES to benefit members and continue to make e-billing more efficient. The LEDES format reduces the time, law firms spend on invoice creation and task descriptions, which aligns well with our mission of providing value add expense management and e-billing software to a variety of industries.

Gary Markham — Chief Executive of Bilr

Common questions

We partnered with LEDES on February 3, 2020. We wanted to provide their members a platform where they could input and output LEDES files to cement the importance of standardized legal billing formats.

Find out more about LEDES on their website, We highly recommend law firms and other legal e-billing stakeholders apply for a membership to stay up to date with the latest going on in that world.

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