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What is LEDES?

LEDES is a series of open standard formats for the exchange of electronic bills within the legal industry, with specifications that support flat fee, hourly billing, expenses, multiple currencies, and global taxes.

LEDES oversight committee

The LEDES Oversight Committee is a global non-profit organization driving legal data exchange standards, including most notably the formats used in legal ebilling.

Non-profit & volunteer-led

Created in 1995, the work of this volunteer-led non-profit group also includes formats for the exchange of timekeeper, budget and intellectual property matter information, as well as UTBMS standards.


Bilr assists with the creation of LEDES invoices and incorporates our newly released LEDES API, allowing for direct communication with ebilling vendor systems.

About the partnership

Quotes from both parties involved

We are pleased to bring our members the benefits associated with this type of collaboration, and we hope this will further drive initiatives that add value to everyone involved. This agreement is part of our 2020 initiative to streamline and improve the legal ebilling process globally. Our interest in Bilr is primarily to support smaller global firms required to ebill but who may not have traditional Western-style billing software.

Jane A. Bennitt — President of the LEDES Oversight Committee

We are excited to work with LEDES to benefit members and continue to make ebilling more efficient. The LEDES format reduces the time, law firms spend on invoice creation and task descriptions, which aligns well with our mission of providing value add expense management and ebilling software to a variety of industries.

Gary Markham — Chief Executive of Bilr

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