Modern law practice management software

Practice management overview

Record time with absolute ease, whether you're on the go or in the office. Create invoices and clean them automatically with our AI module before sending them to your clients for payment.

Complete client and matter overview

Maintain up-to-date records of your clients and matters, including budget tracking, matter strategy, and beyond. Improve your client communication by having latest info at hand.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Get a custom data analytics dashboard for tracking your law practice management performance. Improve efficiency by setting goals and notifications that incentivize staff to perform.

Automate your law firm

Automate your firm with law practice management software

Bilr automates the age-old processes that are sucking up time and revenues, including the use of paper, spreadsheets and PDFs. Instead, we provide a digital legal practice management software.

Increase billing compliance

Bilr ensures that your invoices are 100% compliant with your clients' service level agreements and billing guidelines through AI.

Incentivize employee performance

Bilr helps you make your employees perform to their full extent through gamification, improving transparency and overall billable hours.

Integrate with any third-party software

Bilr integrates with all of your third-party legal management software. If the software has got APIs and documentation, then we can integrate it for you.

Increase profit with legal management software

Bilr helps prevent the loss of revenue during your clients' bill review process. By cleaning invoices before submission, you'll get paid what you're owed every single time.

Clean your invoices with AI

Bilr's proprietary invoice cleaning module, powered by AI, will automatically clean and detect any billing guideline or SLA errors.

Record time on the go

Bilr's companion app for mobile will allow you to record time on the go with your voice, preventing the loss of time throughout the month.

Remove human-manual processes

Bilr replaces and automates human-manual processes within your law firm, cutting staff requirements and unnecessary costs dramatically.

Common questions

We track key financial and growth metrics for your law firm through our law practice management software. We let you compare branches, practice areas and individual lawyers and paralegals for billable hours, hours as a % of target, accruals, accounts receivable as a % of target, unbilled items, revenue per employee, average billing rate, and more. All KPIs will be available in weekly email reports to the law firm's partners/CFO in order to get constant reminders and visibility into areas of the firm that are due for improvement.

We use common sense law firm practice management software, which aren't all that complicated. We implement everything from color coding to simple-to-understand graphing to email notifications, helping you achieve 100% compliance to your law firm's goals. For example, in our anchor client, we reduced average invoice age from 46 days to <1 day, all through simple gamification of billing and notifications.

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