Auto-review invoices with AI/ML

Automatically review your invoices against billing guidelines with machine learning before sending them to your clients, ensuring billing compliance.

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Record billables with voice-to-text

Simply speak into your device to capture billable work, whether you're on the go or in the office. Let Bilr's NLP reduce the burden of legal time tracking.

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Create invoices in multiple formats

Create and export electronic invoices in a plethora of different formats, including LEDES. Submit your invoices for payment via LawPay and QuickBooks.

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Track time and create invoices

Improve your process for capturing time and e-billing with our law firm software, purpose-built for automating repeat tasks.

Simplify time tracking

Reduce the hassle of timing and noting down billable work with Bilr's voice-enabled timekeeping on mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

Automate invoice review

Reallocate senior lawyers to more value-add tasks than legal invoice review. Let machine learning auto-flag line items that need correction.

Export invoices in bulk

Create and export LEDES, Excel, PDF and other invoice formats in bulk for submission to clients. Send invoices manually or via API.

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API into other law firm software

Connect our law firm software with 3rd-party solutions such as LawPay, QuickBooks, Filevine, Lawmatics and beyond.

Accept online payments

Enable e-payment of invoices through LawPay, QuickBooks, Stripe, PayPal or Plaid. Make it easier for clients to pay for your law firm's services.

Expand technology stack

Plug our law firm software into multiple 3rd-party solutions with SSO (where available), expanding your legaltech stack and capabilities.

Request custom APIs

Bridge in-house law firm software with our e-billing tool through a custom API integration, available upon request and built for you at cost.

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Benefit from leading partners

Due to our partnerships you will be able to enjoy best-in-class tools when billing your clients, from LEDES when e-billing, to LawPay for payments, and Micosoft's Power BI and Azure for extensive data analytics and natural language processing.


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Let AI/ML do the heavy lifting

Automate your lawyers' inefficient day-to-day tasks. Deploy our law firm software and improve timekeeper profitability.

Replacing manual review

Tests show that AI is better and faster at recognizing errors than humans. Our AI/ML is trained specifically to spot invoice errors.

Constantly improving AI/ML

Our law firm software's AI/ML is constantly learning and improving, striving to get better at recognizing errors when invoicing clients.

Massive database of invoices

Throughout 15+ years in legaltech, we've seen just about all types of an incorrect invoice. Bilr's AI/ML takes these and learns from them.

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Modernize your law practice

Benefit from automation and customization features in our law firm software for end-to-end time tracking and e-billing.

In-depth law firm analytics

Track law firm, practice area and timekeeper performance. Set targets for your lawyers and analyze the law firm's efficiency in granular detail.

Multiple timekeeper rates

Set custom rates for your timekeepers based on the matter or client. Bill by the hour or create multiple flat fee items to add to invoices.

Concurrent billing timers

Track time with up to 5 concurrent billing timers while continuing to use the law firm software for work. The timers are visible but unobtrusive.

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Access securely through cloud

Use our law firm software anywhere, anytime, across any device(s). Security is enterprise-grade and audited regularly.

Android and iOS support

Download our law firm software's companion timekeeping app from Google Play or the Apple App store, free for active Bilr subscribers.

Uncapped data storage

Store unlimited documents and images within Bilr, specific to your use of the software, as well as raw client, matter, line item and invoice data.

Secure and compliant

Third-parties audit our infrastructure for data security and compliance, with ISO/IEC 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant law firm software.

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