Law Firm Gamification
Increase efficiency and profits

Increase efficiency and profits

Improve your law firm's bottom line through empowering your lawyers to bill more hours. Increase performance transparency and inspire success through crystal clear billing statistics.

Billing targets

Set weekly, monthly and yearly billing targets. Allocate targets to your lawyer staff based on seniority, practice area or different metrics. Keep your lawyers on-track through monitoring their progress within Bilr.

Periodic reminders

Remind your lawyers to hit their billing targets. Notify them when they're performing well, and when they're not. Set thresholds for having alert emails sent to supervisors, allowing you to check in and help your staff.

Comparison leaderboards

Incentivize your lawyers to perform better through anonymized statistic leaderboards that show individual progress compared against practice area, seniority or the entire firm. If relevant, reward those who perform.

In-depth performance analytics

Get a birds eye view of your law firm's performance with clear analytics, showing how your individual lawyers and practice areas perform against the entire firm, or individuals.

Personal analytics

Let your lawyers track their own progress, motivating them to clock more billable hours in an effort to advance their standing.

Firm analytics

Help your partners and financial staff track firm success metrics, yielding valuable insight to inform educated business decisions.

Comparative analysis

Compare individuals, practice areas or branches, giving you powerful insight into how your law firm and lawyers aer performing.

In-depth performance analytics

Common questions

Simply put, gamification is just what it sounds like, it's creating game theory within an application. Incentives, real or abstract, affect people's performance, and gamification makes these incentives obvious and known. We implement gamification in elements as simple as coloration of key performance indicators in a lawyer's Bilr dashboard, red = bad, yellow = ok, green = good.

Yes. In the setup of Bilr, we will build in your custom KPIs into the dashboard. A common example partners like for their associates is hours recorded and hours billed vs. goals. If you'd like more specifics, set up a demo and we can show you specifics.

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