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Improve your profit margins

Do your legal billing with Bilr and increase your profit margins by up to 30% through an increase in revenue of 6-11% across all of your invoices. Follow our AI's advice and thrive.

Optimize invoices with AI

Create your invoices or scan pre-created ones with Bilr's proprietary invoice optimization feature and follow the AI's advice to make it better. Our invoice optimization feature is based on your client's billing guidelines, engagement letter and/or SLAs

Improve revenues and profit margins

If you follow the AI's advice, you should see an increase of 6-11% in invoice revenue and a 30% improval to your profit margins.

Benefit from advanced analytics

Access case records and files whenever you need to, always keeping you prepared to serve your clients diligently and well-equipped.

How do I use invoice optimization?


Step one

Create an invoice or upload a pre-created invoice within the Bilr desktop or mobile app. Activate our invoice optimization feature and let our AI analyze your invoice based off of our database. Provide us with your engagement letters/SLAs and we can tweak your optimization profile for the maximum result, or add rules yourself through system settings.


Step two

After our AI finishes analyzing your invoice, you'll get a list of recommended fixes and changes you can make to improve the invoice. Follow the AI's advice, making the changes.


Step three

Once you make the recommended changes, you're done. You've now ensured that your invoice is as profitable as possible. Finalize the invoice and send it to your client.


Common questions

All invoice data is anonymized and stored to improve our AI's ability to improve invoices. If you want to delete your anonymized invoice data, then contact us at [email protected]

We can not access your invoices themselves, only the anonymized data. Your invoices are private and exclusive to your account or organization and can not be accessed by the Bilr team or anyone else.

Our proprietary AI draws from knowledge learned from our database of 80,000 legal invoices, sourced from global law firms that have worked with us.

Yes, we can incorporate your custom billing guidelines if you provide your engagement letter, guidelines and/or SLA rules to [email protected] with subject line: Billing Guidelines Request

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