Bilr for enterprises processing invoices

Automated bill review

Bilr automatically detects SLA or billing guideline breaches within your vendors' invoices. Replace manual bill review completely by allowing our AI to detect invoice errors for you.

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Seamless billing pipeline

Onboard your vendors into Bilr and automate the entire billing process from invoice creation to bill review, and lastly accounts payable, all plugged into your accounting system through API.

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Zero subscription fees

Bilr offers a zero cost subscription to enterprises processing a large amount of invoices. You will enjoy free use of Bilr, and so will your vendors, with the only cost being a small fee per invoice.

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Replace manual bill review

Invoices are automatically reviewed for errors, removing the need to manually check your vendors' invoices. This saves you both time and money, reducing your staff requirements.

Automate bill review

Stop having full-time employees dedicated to reviewing and approving invoices from vendors. Manual bill review becomes redundant through the use of Bilr and its machine learning, automatically detecting errors.

Onboard vendors

Onboard your vendors onto the Bilr platform and all of their invoices will be automatically reviewed and corrected according to your SLAs or billing guidelines. Non-onboarded vendors can still submit invoices.

Reduce staff requirements

Reduce the required size of your staff dramatically by integrating Bilr into your bill review and approval process. Save considerable time and revenue by redirecting your full-time employees to other matters.

Let AI do the heavy lifting

Our AI is constantly improving its ability to detect and correct errors, mistakes and other inefficiencies found in invoices created by your vendors. Never worry about bill review again.

Massive database of invoices

Throughout our 15+ years of LegalTech experience, we've seen just about every version of an incorrect invoice. Bilr's AI component takes all of these invoices and learns from them, detecting faulty line items.

Constantly improving AI

With every submitted invoice, Bilr becomes better. Our artificial intelligence is constantly learning and improving, striving to get better at recognizing errors and mistakes found within invoices.

Replacing manual bill review

Tests show that artificial intelligence is better at recognizing errors than humans, and that it is much faster. We train our AI to do one thing, and that is to clean your vendors' invoices, rooting out errors and mistakes.

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We’ve been creating legal software for 15+ years

Our software expertise draws on more than 15 years of experience working with large Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola an many more. Beyond Bilr, we've regularly serviced enterprise clients across multiple industries.

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Pricing. Free and simple.

Companies that process a lot of invoices can integrate our software at zero cost. The only payment required for using Bilr is a small per invoice fee for either you or your vendors.

  • Cut costs by removing manual bill review
  • Leverage automatic AI review of all invoices
  • Enjoy clean and in-depth analytics of expenses
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