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Published by Matthew Markham on May 20, 2020
Legal Billing Software

Shelter in Place. Work from Home. Perhaps play teacher for your kid. Definitely realize that your law practice could benefit from a technology upgrade. Working from home likely means that you do not have the typical tools and resources at your disposal like you would working in an office. From scanners and printers to cloud computing and collaboration software, places of work are specifically designed to facilitate task efficiency - something in-home offices at the dinner table may lack.

Cloud computing software can ensure employees have instant access to the firm’s information, and communication software that bolsters effective collaboration with colleagues and clients further serves to ensure that the transition from normal office to “dinner table office” is as seamless as possible.

Time and billing software in particular can provide a much needed sense of security to employees and clients as well. Legal billing software can ensure prompt payment and billing for employees and clients. Since cash flows have been restricted due to the unpredictability of the pandemic, when clients put off paying a legal bill or ignore it, it can significantly affect the finances of a law firm. Prioritizing legal billing and payment processing can ensure that employees can invoice clients and clients can pay those bills, thus keeping your law firm afloat. It is imperative to have some form of time and billing software to ensure that your law practice is on top of billing and payment and therefore less susceptible to financial hits. Management software can also lend itself to ensuring your firm does not go under during the pandemic, as it stores all relevant data (calendar info, documents, billing data, invoices, payment information, communications, etc.) in a central location and is easily accessible by all employees.

COVID-19 has placed many of us in compromising positions when it comes to our work, and has likely also led you to notice deficiencies in whatever software you may be using. Remote work for lawyers and law firms serves to gain from the utilization of software that streamlines the in-office practices that have now been complicated with having to do them from home. Boost your at-home office today and invest in a software package that will streamline communication, ensure accurate time and billing reporting, and modernize your work process.

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Matthew Markham

Matt is an experienced writer, having learned his approach from time spent at Brown University and Oxford University's journalism course. He is the COO of Bilr, a leading legal billing application, and has authored a number of #1 Google ranked articles that have featured in CNBC, Forbes and Entrepreneur. His background originated in investment banking at Morgan Stanley, where he had first had experience looking at the inefficiencies of law in business today.

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