What SaaS Metrics Do We Care About at Bilr

Published by Matthew Markham on Aug 25, 2020

SaaS metrics are exceedingly important when constructing a company's financial viability. They allow investors and executives alike to better understand what is working well, what needs to be changed, and what levers management should focus on to drive business. Some of the most important SaaS metrics that are taken into account.

  • Net Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): growth rate is the month-to-month percentage increase in net MRR - and one of the most common SaaS metrics as it has proven to be a solid indicator of SaaS company growth.
  • Net MRR Churn Rate: measures the lost revenue month to month due to cancellations and account downgrades, can be utilized most effectively in financial modeling and prioritization if a company chooses to estimate an upper bound for churn. The gross MRR churn and retention rates are equally important. A low Gross MRR Churn can indicate a healthy business.
  • The Expansion MRR Rate: shows up when a company can deliver more and more value to existing customers, and then monetize that value. A healthy expansion MRR rate is key for a later-stage SaaS company.
  • The CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): payback period, or number of months it takes to earn back the money invested in acquiring customers, can determine just how much cash the company needs to grow. A healthy CAC is one that can be recovered within a year.

Here's a look at Bilr's SaaS profile through the lens of a few of Nathan Latka's Valuation Points:

Who buys your legal billing software?

Bilr is a legal billing software created for the modern lawyer and law firm, providing an easy means of timekeeping and billing. The software allows for voice-based time recording on mobile, whether you're in a car, headed out of the courtroom, or elsewhere. Activate multiple concurrent billing timers to accurately track your time, ensuring that every billable hour is captured and invoiced or simply enter your time, row by row.

What problem does your legal billing software solve?

Bilr removes the stress of manual bill review with our machine learning component, analyzing your invoices against your clients' SLAs or billing guidelines, flagging errors for adjustment.

With Bilr, you'll no longer have to spend hours looking through your firm's billing before submission to clients, e.g. associates' line items or invoices. You'll also no longer have to worry about getting invoices sent back from clients with the invoice total reduced and line items removed due to these errors, some of which you may miss during manual bill review. It is as simple as creating an account and beginning usage with pre-ordained prompts to make the user interface as simple and convenient as possible.

Does law firm software actually work?

With the average law firm, Bilr is able to improve bottom line profit margins by over 30%, based on an average revenue loss per invoice of 8%.

How many people actually pay for practice management software?

Bilr is amongst the most competitively priced in the market, starting from $29.50 / attorney / month. More users mean lower per user cost, and all features that Bilr has to offer is enabled for every user, regardless of law firm size. No tiers, no nonsense.

Can you scale without churn?

With its low monthly cost, free trial, and price beat guarantee, Bilr has proven to be able to scale without churn. Bilr also ensures profit protection and net positive ROI.

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