Zero subscription cost

Free subscription, flat fees

Our mission is to decrease the amount of admin time waste that occurs in mid-to-large businesses. That's why we're providing Bilr for free to invoice processors globally, with the only cost being a $1 per-invoice fee attributed to either you, your vendor or split equally. Volume discounts apply.

Increase revenues

Remove the need for full-time employees dedicated to reviewing invoices. Use Bilr instead, freeing up your staff for new tasks and reducing bill review costs dramatically.

Reduce time waste

Increase the speed of review and approval through machine learning. With upstream invoice cleaning there's no need for continual revisions between you and your vendors, saving both parties time and money.

Improve relations

Reduce the amount of unpleasant conversations between you and your vendors, sending back their invoices for the umpteenth time with line items removed and the invoice total lowered.

Common questions

The Bilr subscription is free for enterprises and their vendors, with the only cost being a one dollar fee per invoice submitted through our system. For enterprises handling a massive amount of invoices, we'll provide tiered bulk discounts.

The benefits of using Bilr are not limited to just the invoice handler. Benfits are also felt by the vendors through easier invoice creation and submission, as well as through decreasing the amount of time wasted on fixing incorrect invoices.

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