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Digital case file repository

Store and access your case files in a secure digital environment. Provide your lawyers with a single point of access for matter management, billing, and analytics. ISO 27001 and SOC II certified.

Interactive budget tracking

Ensure adherence to clients' matter budgets with live tracking of your outgoing billing and overall matter management. Get notified of pending budget breaches and take corrective actions.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Get a customized Power BI powered dashboard for analyzing your law firm's matter management. Use the analytics to provide accurate quotes to clients based on previous matter statistics.

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Modernize with matter management software

Bilr is a legal billing software with matter management functionality that will modernize your law firm. Help your lawyers increase their productivity, in turn helping the firm.

Improve client communication

By making sure that your lawyers always have the latest information at hand, you can improve communication and coordination with clients.

Remove human-manual tasks

It's time to remove paper, spreadsheets, and PDFs from your workflow. Start automating the tasks which are sucking up time and revenues.

Integrate with any third-party software

Bilr integrates with all of your third-party legal software. If the software has got APIs and documentation, then we can integrate it for you.

Empower your firm with legal matter management software

Bilr is not only a legal billing software solution. It is a tool that optimizes lawyers' efficiency, helping them clock more billable hours, and earning their law firm more revenue.

Cloud-based file repository

Easily access case files and matter information on both desktop/laptop and mobile, all hosted in a secure environment to prevent leaks.

Matter strategy planner

Plan and outline your matter strategy so that all of your lawyers can ensure compliance and coherency with the decided strategy.

In-depth matter analytics

Look at the historical data behind your previous matters, giving you the ability to provide an accurate quote to your client based on experience.

Common questions

Bilr itself includes robust matter management software functionality that can handle all of your legal billing and timekeepingneeds. If you need something more custom or comprehensive, however, then we have alternatives. Our sister company, LSG, offers Mercury ELM Software, which can handle all of your matter management and enterprise legal management needs ⁠— or which can be retrofitted for your law firm. We guarantee to beat any competitor's price, and we've saved our clients more than $1.2 billion dollars over the past decade.

Yes, we offer integration into any other matter management, law practice management, and other legal technology software that offers APIs. If we don't have your desired integration already, then we can add it for a flat one-time cost of $1,000. Integrations into comprehensive legal software may take longer, but no more than 8 weeks. Get in touch with us and we can discuss together.

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