LawPay and Bilr: An Overview

Published by Matthew Markham on Sep 29, 2020
LawPay and Bilr: An Overview

For years, law firms have been using LawPay, an AffiniPay online payment solution. LawPay is available through all 50 state bars, plus local and specialty bars. With LawPay, lawyers can send payment requests that clients are able to easily pay with one click using a debit card, and lawyers can then track payments to their IOLTA account(s). Additional benefits include getting paid quicker, increasing reporting capabilities, and improving payments and financial planning.

One of LawPay’s biggest draws is that it can integrate with multiple other legal software, giving lawyers the ability to offer their clients a more seamless payment experience. Earlier this year, Bilr partnered with LawPay for just that reason, integrating their solution as an add-on for its users.

How does LawPay work?

An integration like the one between LawPay and Bilr can simplify the online payment process even further. Bilr increases law firm revenues and billing compliance through automated AI/ML invoice review, voice-enabled timekeeping and simple LEDES e-billing capability. When looked at individually, both Bilr and LawPay are powerful tools when it comes to improving the efficiency and profitability of a law firm’s billing. However, when combined, Bilr and LawPay elevate legal billing even further.

With LawPay and Bilr, law firms can ensure their invoices are clean and compliant while getting paid faster. The law firms’ clients will also have an overall better experience when paying invoices. This is entirely due to the best-practice support of each of the software solutions. With the acceptance of debit cards and ACH, as well as the ability to make payments in-person, online, and through email, the software used in combination virtually eliminates instances where delay or reduce their payment due to confusion, complexity, or invoice non-compliance.

Furthermore, with LawPay and Bilr, payments can be planned in advance, giving both the law firms and their clients a more forward-looking overview of their finances. Law firms and their clients can also receive detailed transaction information from the LawPay and Bilr integration. Finally, refunds can be processed through the platforms as well, ensuring that total billing and payment management can be achieved through a single touch-point.

Why use LawPay with Bilr?

Modernizing a law firm’s billing process does not have to be complicated, especially when there is software that can bring AI/ML and voice-enabled timekeeping to the law firm’s pre-existing payment workflow. There is no hassle on the law firm’s side, and even less on their clients’ side as both software seamlessly integrate with each other. With Bilr and LawPay, law firms can record their time on the go, create LEDES invoices and record UTBMS codes, send online payment requests, and all-in-all manage their law firm’s billing on both mobile and desktop platforms.

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