Seamless vendor billing pipeline

Automated review and payment

Onboard your vendors into Bilr and automate the entire billing process from invoice creation to bill review, to accounts payable. Reduce invoice aging by over 35x.

Vendor onboarding

Easily onboard your vendors at zero cost to them or yourself. Let Bilr clean their invoices 'upstream', ensuring compliance to your billing guidelines before you even receive the invoice for approval.

Bill review automation

Automate the tasks which are eating up your time and revenues. Replace the manual and eternal vendor bill review process with Bilr's proprietary invoice cleaning, reduce invoice aging by over 35x.

API integration

We integrate with any accounting or other software that you utilize for your business. If there's data that you need, stored within a third-party software application, then we'll integrate it into Bilr without hassle.

How does the billing pipeline work?


Step one

Your vendors onboard with Bilr at zero cost utilizing a unique registration key provided to you, or directly to your vendors if we're provided with their contact information. This link will allow your vendors to get Bilr for free, but only being able to submit invoices to you. Your vendors can then start creating invoices through the platform, accessed on both mobile and laptop/desktop, depending on preference.


Step two

When a vendor creates an invoice, our proprietary invoice cleaning module replaces the need for manual bill review by automatically pointing out errors and non-compliance with your billing guidelines. The vendor must then fix these errors before submitting the invoice to your company.


Step three

Once you receive an invoice from a vendor, we'll automatically plug it into your accounting system and accounts receivables through API, designating it for payment or automatically approving the invoice. If you want to retain an aspect of manual bill review, empowered by machine learning, then you can do so.


Common questions

Yes, we can integrate any accounting software into Bilr so long as it has an API key that we can pull data from. If you've got the data, then we'll add it in. Our goal is to integrate with every other platform out there, allowing flexibility for our customers.

Onboarding your vendors is a part of the setup and implementation process of Bilr for enterprises. To onboard vendors, you'll need them to sign up through a registration key you provide them with, or that we send directly if you give us their contact info.

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