bilr legal billing software

Upstream invoice cleaning

We make sure invoices are cleaned and free of errors before they're sent to you for review and approval, fixing errors upstream rather than downstream. We make your vendors aware of errors they need to fix before sending invoices.

Increase revenues

Remove the need for full-time employees dedicated to reviewing invoices. Use Bilr instead, freeing up your staff for new tasks and reducing bill review costs dramatically.

Reduce time waste

Increase the speed of review and approval through machine learning. With upstream invoice cleaning there's no need for continual revisions between you and your vendors, saving both parties time and money.

Improve relations

Reduce the amount of unpleasant conversations between you and your vendors, sending back their invoices for the umpteenth time with line items removed and the invoice total lowered.

How does automated bill review work?


Step one

Your vendor creates an invoice or uploads a pre-created invoice within the Bilr desktop or mobile app. Our invoice optimization module then activates, and our AI analyzes their invoice based off of our database. Provide us with your engagement letters/SLAs and we can tweak your vendors' optimization profile for the maximum result, or you/they can add rules manually through system settings.


Step two

After our AI finishes analyzing your vendors' invoice, they'll get a list of recommended fixes and changes that can be made to improve the invoice. Your vendor should follow the AI's advice, implementing the recommendations.


Step three

Once your vendor has made the recommended changes, they're done. The vendor has now ensured that that invoice is as correct as possible. At this point, you vendor can finalize it and send it your way through our seamless billing pipeline with API connection to your accounting system.


Common questions

All invoice data is anonymized and stored to improve our AI's ability to improve invoices. If you want to delete you or your vendors' anonymized invoice data, then feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We can not access you or your vendors' invoices themselves, only the anonymized data. Your invoices are private and exclusive to your account or organization and can not be accessed by the Bilr team or anyone else.

Our proprietary AI draws from knowledge learned from our database of 80,000 legal invoices, sourced from global law firms that have worked with us.

Yes, we can incorporate your custom billing guidelines if you provide your engagement letter, guidelines and/or SLA rules to [email protected] with subject line: Billing Guidelines Request.

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