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Why choose Bilr?

Bilr is a legal billing software for the modern law firm, with opportunities for enterprises through its automated bill review component. Bilr helps grow your business to new heights.

Increase profit margins

Invoices are automatically scanned by our proprietary AI invoice optimization module, rooting out errors and thereby increasing profit.

Replace outdated processes

Bilr allows you to replace outdated processes utilizing paper, spreadsheets, and PDFs, cutting waste of time and money.

Increase efficiency

Bilr can be accessed through both mobile and desktop, providing users with unparalleled flexibility when tracking their time.

We service international clients

From billing to insurance claims, our collection of software can handle it all. Bilr, a legal billing software solution, is our flagship product. We also offer side-modules of the software to companies outside of the legal space, including automated bill review for enterprises. Our expertise draws on more than 15 years of experience working with large Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, AT&T, and many more.

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We are a part of aXpire

We leverage a long list of partners, advisors, and more from the aXpire group for all of our innovative products.

20+ partners

Our partners range from R3 to the IRTA. We work with our established partners to continually improve our products and services.

15+ advisors

Our advisors are exceptionally skilled and experienced, coming from backgrounds related to companies such as Cigna, QBE, and more.

15+ team members

Our team members are internationally based. We have two offices; one in Miami, and one in Kerala, as well as remote individuals.

Top companies have worked with us

  • We've had over 10 Fortune 500 clients.
  • Our clients have saved $500m+ in total.
  • 100% of our customers have been satisfied.

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