From e-billing to insurance claims, our collection of legal software can handle it all. Bilr is our flagship product, with other side-modules available upon request.

Our legaltech expertise draws on more than 15 years of experience within the space, working with large Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and many more.


We're a part of the aXpire group

Being a part of aXpire, we leverage a long list of partners, advisors, and more from the aXpire group for all of our legal products.

These include:
  • 20+ partners
  • 15+ advisors
  • 15+ team members
  • 4+ deployed products

We transform your law firm for the modern era

We work with you to replace outdated business processes

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible pricing models where we get compensated based on how much Bilr saves and/or earns your law firm.

Custom Software

We help you replace outdated processes prevalent in your business with a custom-built Bilr-based solution.

Enterprise-Grade Security

All customer information and data are secured through enterprise-grade security solutions.

The people working to revolutionize e-billing

We're the executives managing Bilr

Gary Markham

Gary Markham

Chief Executive Officer
Gary Markham

Matthew Markham

Chief Operating Officer
Gary Markham

Philip Knight

Chief Product Officer
Gary Markham

Joakim Hjønnevåg

Marketing Lead
Gary Markham

Kiran Chandeshkar

Technology Lead

Get modern legal services today

We provide cutting-edge legal products for law firms that are ready to step into the modern era.


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